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Fish Africa
Issue 7 Number 3

Fall, 2009


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Africa fishing and scuba diving tours in Botswana ,Gabon, Kenya, Madagascar and other African countries ] Africa Map ] Currency Exchange ]

Little we can experience in traveling the world can match the intrigue and excitement that Africa delivers. As well, few anglers have seen as much of Africa from behind a fishing rod that Charles Norman has. As a journalist, angler, photographer and documentary filmmaker, Charles Norman has spent the past quarter century traveling Africa and the Indian Ocean islands where he is usually found with an assortment of fishing rods among his cameras and notebooks!

The author of four angling/travel books and a guide to African Wildlife, Charles has also made several African documentary films and fishing videos, and is a regular contributor on angling and travel to a wide range of South African publications. Though angling remains a CNS speciality, Charles Norman Safaris also offer Scuba and wildlife packages.

Since 1989, Charles Norman has established many exciting safaris to some of Africa's premier fishing destinations. Over the years he has amassed incredible experience. He keeps on top of the movements and peak times to fish and knows exactly where to be to meet each opportunity. The visual experiences that these productive fishing trips provide are magnificent and enormously popular. We're very pleased to be able to share all of Charles Norman's safari itineraries with World Angler Magazine readers. Charles is WAM's Africa editor - little surprise there.

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In Memorial
Charles Norman, Africa Editor

Sadly, it is my charge to announce that our Africa Editor, Charles Norman, passed away on January 4, 2004 of a heart attack. Charles was arguably the best known name in African sport fishing. He was a photographer, filmmaker, and author of several acclaimed books about sport fishing in Africa. Charles was also a travel consultant for all Africa related sporting activity. No one we have ever heard of knew African fishing as well as Charles Norman. I will miss his thoughtful letters, his unwavering passion for finding the greatest fishing over the vast continent of Africa and his contributions to our publication. My heartfelt personal condolences go out to Charles' family. Our staff will sorely miss him as a colleague, friend and patron of sportfishing.

- Tony Oswald, Publisher

Charles Norman
Africa fishing and scuba diving tours in Botswana ,Gabon, Kenya, Madagascar and other African countries ] Africa Map ] Currency Exchange ]



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